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Located on this website is a collection of comics translated by Samiloop, and edited by Serafita. As the name shows, the comics on this site are all Naruto comics, though if we find something amusing which isn't Naruto, we might translate it.

The majority of the comics here are the creations of Keroyon-jima. Keroyon-jima has graciously given us permission to translate her works, and so, here are the ones we have completed so far.

Naruto, of course, belongs to Masashi Kishimoto.

Keroyon-jima's website can be located on the bottom of this page.

We have received fanart from Keroyon-jima to celebrate our site opening!
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Last updated: 25th October 2006
No. 274
No. 275

Story 1: The Results of Training
Story 2: Hinamanga vol 3: Father, Hiashi
Story 3: Hinamanga vol 4: Father, Yondaime (Hypothesis)
Story 4: Hinamanga vol 5: I Tried To Do Naruto In Ichigo100% style
Story 5: Hinamanga vol 6: Shikamaru's Mote Mote Paradise
Story 6: Sasusaku manga - This Is The Konoha Military Police Department
First Squadron, First Team, Second Cell

Story 7: Hinamanga vol 7: "LOVE DRIVE" (Ichigo 100% Chapter 152 Parody)
Story 8: Hinamanga vol 8: Hinata-sama is Visiting
"Hinata-sama's Happy Birthday Manga" pages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
"Together With Sasuke" pages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

NaruHina #32 No. 2: "Sudden Confession"
NaruHina #32 No. 3: "I'm Glad You Were Born" pages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
NaruHina #32 No. 6: "Scavenger Hunt"
NaruHina #32 No. 14: "So That's How It Was"
NaruHina #32 Omake: "I'm the HEROINE, after all"
NaruHina #32 Omake: "Absolute Defense"

Comics based off Manga chapters
No.246 - Their Growth
No.247 - unlikely to be edited
No.248 - unlikely to be edited
No.249 - As A Kazekage...!!
No.250 - unlikely to be edited
No.251 - To Sand
No.252 - unlikely to be edited
No.253 - The Dependable Back-up
No.254 - unlikely to be edited
No.255 - waiting
No.256 - The People Blocking Our Way
No.257 - the Worth Of Kakashi's Experience
No.258 - Gai vs Kisame
No.259 - Itachi's Powers
No.261 - unlikely to be edited
No.262 - Thoughts Running Wild
No.263 - How To Get Really Angry
No.264 - Sasori's Fine Art
No.265 - Chiyo-baa And Sakura
No.266 - Sasori, Unveiled...!!
No.267 - A Violent Conclusion...!!
No.268 - Puppeteer Vs Puppeteer!!
No.269 - What I Can Do Now...!!
No.270 - Miscalculation...!!
No.271 - An Unknown Ability...!!
No.272 - Chiyo vs Sasori...!!
No.273 - Last Battle!!
No.274 - The Unrealised Dream
No.275 - The Reward...!!
No.276 - A New Sharingan
No.277 - The Ultimate Fine Art
No.278 - waiting
No.279 - no entry
No.280 - waiting
No.281 - no entry
No.282 - unlikely to be edited
No.283 - Looking For Members!!
No.284 - waiting
No.285 - Someone From "The Root"!!
No.286 - waiting
No.287 - waiting
No.288 - waiting
No.289 - waiting
No.290 - waiting
No.291 - waiting
No.292 - waiting
No.293 - no entry
No.294 - Yondaime
No.295 - To Kyuubi
No.296 - A Sorrowful Conclusion
No.297 - Sai's Mission
No.298 - Absolutely Secret Mission
No.299 - no entry
No.300 - no entry
No.301 - Sai And Sasuke!!

The following comics are not drawn by Keroyon-jima.

From the doujin KETSU!MEGATON
warning: ecchi content
Hinata-sama 1 by Pierre Norano pages 1, 2
Hinata-sama 2 by Pierre Norano pages 1, 2
Pierre Norano of the KETSU!MEGATON series has given us permission
to host the four translated pages from his series. Thanks goes to
Keroyon for helping us to obtain permission. ^^
Pierre Norano's website can be located on the bottom of this page.

Unknown webcomic - set in Ichiraku with Hinata, Naruto, Sasuke (and Neji)
As of this moment, we still do not know the original artist who drew
this. If anyone has their contact details, please email us!

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